Hey, you guys.

It's theneener and Noodles. We won't be making it to 35 Denton this year, but we thought we'd help those that are.

Custom Make Your Own Damn 35 Denton Schedule.

I like making schedules. So, I made you one on Clashfinder that you can customize. Here's now:

  1. Click on this link: http://clashfinder.com/s/35denton2016/
  2. If you want to save your custom schedule for later use (yes, you want to), click on "User" then "Login." I know you can figure out the rest.
  3. Use the controls at the top right corner to color code your schedule. See what happens when you choose a number then click on a time slot. Magic! Click on the time slot again. Magic disappears!
  4. Click to your heart's desire! Clashfinder is smart enough to autosave your choices. It's neato. Like you.
  5. There are printing instructions at the bottom of the page. Or, you can save a tree and bookmark the link on your phone. It's mobile-friendly!
  6. There are a lot of rad customizations and settings on Clashfinder but I will leave that for the adventurous to discover.
  7. Don't take your schedule too seriously. Have fun!