#theneenertour14 The Neener Tour 2014 -- Now with plane!

Published on March 17th, 2014 | by The Neener


The Neener Tour 2014: Here We Go!

I leave for the airport in six hours so I probably should be in bed or packing my suitcase or something responsible like that but in typical The Neener Tour fashion, I’m documenting this. Also, in typical The Neener Tour fashion, I only have the following set plans for this week:

The rest of my time I will attempt to do all these. Or not. That’s the beauty of this trip, y’all.




Food + Drinks


And, of course, I’ll hit up the Strip and Fremont Street. Anything else I should attempt to do? Time, money, and tummy space are limited but I’ll see what I can squeeze in there.

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  1. George Duncan says:

    I/we would like to share some music. Will you email back?

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